“Gabriela was a fantastic help in our efforts to start sales in Chile. Her knowledge and experience enabled her to gain access and information that would have been incredibly difficult to obtain without her support. In a short time frame a detailed analysis of potential commercial partners was prepared and meetings set up. I would high recommend her to those looking to enter markets in South America.”
Nils Winkler von Stiernhielm, Managing Director, Omex Agrifluids Ltd
“Gabriela from Sunny Sky Solutions is absolutely brilliant. She was engaged to support Kraal’s recent visit as part of a United Kingdom trade mission to Uruguay and tasked with identifying key local stakeholders and arranging introductory meetings. Not only did she successfully set-up the essential meetings, but she also identified additional relevant companies to meet with, ensured that we met with senior decision-makers and made sure that the very tight schedule was managed. The success of our trip to Uruguay is in a large part due to Gabriela and is a testament to her dedication, professionalism, insights and ability to “get things done.” I’m looking forward to working with her in the future as a trusted advisor to support our introduction in the region.”
Ian Bester, Founder/CEO, Kraal.
“Gabriela at Sunny Sky Solutions has been instrumental to us identifying potential new partners in Latin America where we had very limited knowledge of the markets. Our products and their applications are quite niche and so to find the right partners was crucial and not a straightforward task. From the very outset Gabriela understood our requirements and guided us through the process, identifying target companies, making contact, determining suitability and a serious interest in representing our Company that led to a shortlist and her recommendations. Fees are very reasonable and in my opinion great value for such a task. We would highly recommend Gabriela at Sunny Sky Solutions to other companies looking to expand in the Latin American markets.”
Bruce Bultitude, Chairman/Owner, Power Jacks Ltd.
“We commissioned Sunny Sky Solutions to carry out a market research exercise for us and we were all impressed with the thoroughness of the report, which has given us a valuable survey of the market conditions in our target countries, and clear directions on how to proceed.”
Dr Walter King, MD, Dart Sensors Ltd, Queen’s Award for Enterprise (International Trade) winner
“I would highly recommend if you are looking to expand your business into Latin America, your investment in a report by Sunny Sky Solutions. It will save you time and money, providing you with the tools to expand your business efficiently”
Stewart Gordon-Smith, Export Sales Engineer, Meech International, Queen’s Award for Enterprise (International Trade) winner
“Gabriela has a phenomenal work rate, great attention to detail and delivers results way ahead of expectations. She has great knowledge of her territory and provides clear and pragmatic advice. Outstanding value for money!”
Richard Shaw, MD, Ellis Patents Ltd.
“Many thanks to Gabriela at Sunny Sky Solutions for organising such an eye opening visit. We had not realised the scale of opportunity offered by Uruguay as a gateway to all markets in South America and, especially, Brazil. The quality of Gabriela’s contacts made the visit highly objective and she handled all of the logistics leaving me to concentrate fully on the meetings. Whether for manufacture or distribution, I recommend that any company interested in investigating opportunities in South America should get in contact with Gabriela in order to discover the range of financial incentives offered for foreign investors.”
Nick Graham, New Business Development Manager, Caltech.

“I cannot stress enough how impressed I am with Gabriela’s work. The quality of her work was beyond outstanding and the support of her team second-to-none. Gabriela understood exactly what we wanted to achieve and how, what kind of distributor we were after, and how we do business. Our MD was impressed, too, right from the start. Initially, what impressed us was the thoroughness of the distributor recruitment work, but then during our trip I really understood what Gabriela really means to our business: a critical partner who adds valuable insights and opinions, asking pertinent questions and always staying a step ahead to ensure that my trip was worth it. She wasn’t deterred by any obstacles, kept the energy levels up and even managed to get me into a trade show after the doors closed! Gabriela really understands Latin America and her team were supportive all the way. I really look forward to working with her again, and would recommend her services to any company serious about succeeding in Latin America.”
Mirjana Prokic, International Market Development Director, Farécla Products Ltd.

“Gabriela understood my brief perfectly, and her initial shortlist was impressive; it showed they were really paying attention to our needs. Her team took the time to interview each potential distributor to filter out the ones that weren’t right so that I could choose from the very best. I am a busy international sales manager working across the globe and I just wouldn’t have had the time to do this myself. I know this takes many, many calls and an enormous amount of skill and perseverance. Getting Sunny Sky Solutions involved saved me days of analysing data and information to find potential partners, and of trying to get through to the right people. Their involvement meant that I could hit the ground running and that I can now focus on developing the Bolivian market with our new partner. I was impressed with the quality and the thoroughness of the work, the constant communication and the real understanding of the region. I think Sunny Sky Solutions can be a very valuable consultancy for UK companies wanting to do business in Latin America”.
Richard Evans, International Sales Manager, Foster and Freeman.
“I was recently invited to join a trade mission to Uruguay by the Department for International Trade, where we enjoyed exceptional hospitality and assistance from the British Embassy. Gaby Castro-Fontoura of Sunny Sky Solutions was engaged by DIT to design the schedule for the visit. There is no question that, of all the DIT missions I have been on (and this was a generally held opinion by the other delegates), this was the best organised. Gaby was tireless in her efforts, both before and during the visit, to make the event a success. She went to great lengths to understand my needs and arranged very useful meetings. I thoroughly appreciated her drive and pragmatism.”
Rod Watson, Export Sales Director, Perry Engineering.
“Gabriela from Sunny Sky Solutions has been fantastic supporting me with the work I have been doing in Uruguay. I met her long ago in a business event where she presented key information about doing business in Uruguay, and recently in a trade mission organised by the British Embassy in Montevideo. She organised all the meetings with key stakeholders from the education industry and everything worked really smoothly thanks to her fantastic organisational skills. She prioritised the meetings to make sure we targeted with institutions I hadn’t dealt with previously. I am very grateful for her support and I am really looking forward to working with her again in the future.”
Dr. Leticia Chico-Santamarta, Latin America and Caribbean Partnership Coordinator, Harper Adams University.
“As an experienced international sales manager, I need very focused information about a market. I need a quick overview of competitors, prices, and key sales channels, but what I need most are useful contacts that my team can then follow up. When I discussed this with Gabriela at Sunny Sky Solutions, she understood that I needed a concise report. She took the time to understand our business and what I wanted to get out of this project. Throughout the process, she was also a useful local resource, providing me with practical tips on how to conduct business in Latin America. We got what we wanted: a clear report focused on our needs and a contact list of buyers that we will now follow up on. Gabriela also went a step further from the desk research commissioned and actually visited the market we were interested in, taking pictures and making notes right from the retail scene, which always adds value. I personally look forward to working with Gabriela again in other markets across Latin America and would recommend her research work to other global companies.”
Ad van Kemenade, General Manager, Global Sales & Marketing, TS Global Ltd (MEKA electric factory), China/Holland.
“Gabriela’s knowledge of Latin America is unique – from the wider overview of macroeconomics to very detailed industry tips, her advice is very pragmatic and her approach very hands-on. The understanding of each country’s culture and the vast network of contacts are critical for anyone starting to do business in the region.”
Micaela Rossi, Export and Marketing Coordinator, Wheelwash Ltd.
“We firmly believe that exporting is key to the growth of our food business. When exploring new markets, we were privileged to have Gabriela’s support. Her knowledge and understanding of Latin America is second-to-none, from the generic macroeconomic country-wide perspective to the details of how people behave and how consumer preferences (from the way people eat to the way they shop for food) vary across this hugely varied continent. She undertook a detailed market research for three countries for our whole product range and presented it in a way that was relevant to us. We really look forward to continue working with Gabriela, since we trust her approach and are convinced she will deliver the results we look for.”
Archy Cunningham, MD, United Central Bakeries, Finsbury Food Group PLC
“I required a concrete non-nonsense approach with results that I could actually work with. Gabriela provided me with exactly this. Her work was top-quality, knowledgeable, and flexible. She has impressed me with her understanding of the sector and her research capability. She has also been committed to our project, even attending an appointment with a distributor in Cologne (Kind und Jugend) alongside our International Manager, out of her own initiative. I would not hesitate to recommend Gabriela for your first steps in Latin America.”
Alan Halsall, Owner, Silver Cross
“We were delighted to welcome back Gaby to the region and to work with her in delivering a great insight into the Latin American market. We always receive excellent feedback, as the information is presented in such an informative and engaging style, which really brings the opportunities in Latin America to life. This is an exciting market and we will be asking Gaby to return soon, to continue to build relationships with our members and businesses in the North East, so they have easy access to expert support and guidance in gaining a foothold in Latin America”
Julie Underwood, International International Trade Director, Department for International Trade/North East of England Chamber of Commerce
“Thank you for addressing our members and providing real, practical advice and top tips for those contemplating trading with Latin America. You really connected with the audience and captured their attention; they now recognise the sheer diversity of all the countries, cultures, sectors and opportunities in Latin America. We’ve received some great feedback, so a massive thank you for helping the International Trade Club and we very much hope to work with you in future”.
Stef Heywood, International Trade Advisor, East Lancashire Chamber of Commerce International Trade Club
“Gabriela Castro-Fontoura from Sunny Sky Solutions was asked to present at a Department for International Trade (DiT) /Santander Latin America Event on 14th February 2018 at Santander’s Corporate & Commercial Offices in Histon, Cambridge and also have follow up 1-1 meetings with the companies that attended from the Anglia region. Gabriela’s knowledge of Latin America shone through in her informative and varied presentation, which kept everyone concentrating and wanting to hear more. She also built a strong sense of trust with the companies that attended and I believe has formed some strong relationships with them for the future. I would have no hesitation in recommending Gabriela to companies that require assistance in Latin America and using her skills to assist with building business relationships with companies in the area.”
Tracy Grazioli, International & Working Capital Origination Director, Cambridge and Anglia, Santander PLC
“As the leading business organisation in the county, Suffolk Chamber of Commerce enjoyed working in partnership with Gabriela Castro-Fontoura in delivering a well-attended and highly successful event on Doing business in Latin America. We particularly appreciated her pro-active role in promoting the event to her network and always found her to be prompt and helpful in our interactions with her.”
Kayleigh Streeton, Events Coordinator, Suffolk Chamber of Commerce
“Gabriela delivered an excellent presentation on the practicalities of doing business with Brazil at our recent UKTI event which was held in Shropshire. The depth of knowledge and experience that Gabriela was able to impart was very valuable, and received very positive feedback from our delegates. Thank you for helping to make the event such a success.”
Becky Stark, International Trade Advisor, UKTI Shropshire International Trade Team
“Gabriela Castro-Fontoura was a welcomed speaker at the recent Institute of Export North West branch meeting in September. Tasked with delivering “Trading with South America” in 15 minutes, she rose to the challenge and delivered an excellent presentation explaining how you needed to go beyond blue sky thinking when it came to establishing a foothold in South America. The attendees were left in no doubt of the potential of this rapidly developing region with its increasing needs for imports and that it cannot be treated as one market. Her clarity and style of presentation added to the overall success of the event.”
Sandra Strong, Partner, Strong and Herd, and Fellow of the Institute of Export

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