UPDATE 28TH JUNE 2020: THE SHOW IS STILL ON, CHECK OUT https://www.expoprado.com/

If Uruguay is on your radar, ExpoPrado is probably already in your calendar. Uruguay’s longest and largest show, it’s the place to be if you’re into livestock, and agriculture in general, but it’s also an excellent place to research and showcase consumer products to the widest customer base you can get in one venue.

For networking and gathering market information on agriculture and livestock, the show is a must. You can also time it with visits to Chile, Argentina, Paraguay or Brazil, all between one and three hours away. We also work with our clients in two complementary shows, depending on their niche, including Expoactiva and Expo Melilla. We will also be visiting agricultural shows in Brazil and Argentina this year as agriculture (including livestock, forestry and agritech) is one of our key sectors. I will be working jointly with Associate Senior Consultant and agricultural technician, Matías Sara (best-known as @contalito on twitter).

Last year, the British Embassy in Montevideo organised a trade mission to Expo Prado – we were delighted to be part of its success!:

This year the British Embassy are preparing a similar mission, just for agritech companies:


We have also seen increased interest from other countries and are keen to speak to companies from all over the world interested in this show. If you are thinking of coming over, we would like to hear from you (if you are a UK company in agritech, we offer to liaise with the British Embassy to give you the best joined-up support).

An attractive market in itself and also a perfect place to test your products and services in South America, Uruguay might really surprise you. Come and see it for yourself, we’d be delighted to help.

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