If Peru is one of the South American countries with the highest forecast GDP growth for this year (IMF), then understanding its mining sector, key to its economy, is critical for exporters. Mining not only demands diggers, helmets, drills and engineers, it is also a huge energy consumer, puts pressure on infrastructure development and is served by businesses ranging from those supplying food packaging to those that supply English courses, telecoms and security.

I had the pleasure of visiting Expomina in Lima this year, a well-organised “proper” trade show. The other (larger) show I’d recommend in Peru apart from Expomina is Perumin, in Arequipa (but book early because stands, accommodation and transport do sell out), similar to Exponor in Antofagasta, Chile.

It’s clear that mining is a booming sector, despite its ups and downs, and that Peruvians are optimistic about investment into the sector continuing with the new administration. The show had the usual machinery stands, some country pavilions (not a British one this year), and lots of niche suppliers including those offering software and languages/training. It’s definitely a focal point for networking, marketing, branding and also for continuous professional development, thanks to its conference programme.

I leave you here with some pictures from the show. Enjoy Expomina, and remember that Peru is one country worth looking at in your Latin American strategy, whether or not you sell into the mining sector!

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