Market Research at Sunny Sky Solutions just got better.

Would YOU like to know…

–          for almost every country in Latin America

–          who imports goods similar to yours

–          how much they import

–          where the goods come from

–          how the good are transported

–          over different periods of time?…

From now on, ALL our market research clients benefit from an import analysis service at no extra cost. This information is highly valuable for management decisions because it provides valuable information to help us research:

–          who your competitors are

–          who your potential partners can be

–          seasonal variations

–          logistics

–          pricing

All we need is the commodity code for your good(s). We do the rest. And we make sense of the data for you. We also complement this information with other market research tools.

Please note that we are not resellers of this data and that we will only offer it to our clients as part of larger market research and business development projects. This new service means that you don’t have to purchase importation data separately, saving your money and enhancing our market research service.

As a reminder of some of the benefits of market research…

–          Market research will be critical in assessing whether or not to go for a new market. Since overseas markets take up a lot of resources, knowing whether or not there are opportunities right from the start can save you time and money.

–          The more accurate and relevant information you can get on potential markets, the more you reduce the risks of expanding abroad.

–          Comprehensive market research will also inform your decisions such as routes to market and pricing and tell you more about your competition, barriers to trade and more.

–          Market research can also be a powerful tool when negotiating with a potential partner (distributor, agent, franchisee, etc) because, although they are the ‘locals’, the information will give you credibility. It can also help with government paperwork and even with export funding.

Interested in finding out more?

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