My business was born in Yorkshire over two years ago. Although I then moved to Edinburgh and finally back to my native Uruguay, my business owes a lot to its Northern origins. My love for “the North” started when I arrived in Durham to study Economics back in 1999 – and it was sealed forever the day I first got called “pet” (I was homesick and it meant the world to me then).

But let’s not get (too) emotional. I was back in Yorkshire last week but not on holiday (which I’d recommend) but strictly on business. So here’s my call to Northern businesses…

Businesses “up North”, have a lot to offer Latin America. From top class science and education to amazing brands, boutique services and some delicious treats. But it’s manufacturing that took me back to the North last week. North of England manufacturers, you should be proud of your origin, the quality of your products, but above all, you should be proud of your values. Your straight-forward no-nonsense approach will be perceived positively across Latin America – and your honesty and reliability will stand out in these export markets. Your resilience and adaptability have prepared you to reach for overseas markets. Latin America is much closer than you think. It’s not about a one week effort, a one trip challenge. It’s about believing that you can do it, and investing to make it happen. Latin America offers huge opportunities. Go for it.


We have supported many businesses from the North of England including Ellis Patents, Silver Cross, Royston and Ilkley Brewery. If you’re interested in talking things through (we speak Geordie, Tykes & Scouse!), email our Director at