It was with great excitement that I recently received my copy of the Superbrands 2011 Annual. The book is superbly well-researched, exquisitely presented and beautifully written. It gathers la crème de la crème of brands in Britain, some brands coming from abroad and making it here, others home-grown.

So they are the big names here in the UK… But looking at some of the iconic British brands I ask myself, would they make it in South America?

Some of them are there already. Some have tried and failed. Some haven’t even tried… and some are thinking about it… Here are a few examples:

BBC – now, this brand is already there. And probably one of the British brands with the best reputation. Respected as a source of reliable information – and without paying for a TV licence!

Manchester United – another huge British brand in all South America. Liverpool was the big football team in the 70s and 80s but I wonder if they were ever anywhere near as strong a brand as Manchester United. Manchester United took over, particularly due to the Beckham phenomenon and some South American signings (think Forlán and Tevez, for example). As a brand, I have no doubt that they carry more weight than rivals Chelsea (despite Poyet), Arsenal and others. Whether you like it or not…

Stannah Stairlifts – yes, they are there. Quietly so and probably not as known as the former two, but with a strong presence in Chile and Brazil, at least.

Highland Spring – now, I couldn’t find much information about their presence in South America. However, the packaging doesn’t look as good as that of the French brands dominating the foreign segment of the market in the region. South American has strong local and regional mineral water brands. I can see lots of potential for Gleneagles, though (bought by Highland Spring) since their packaging has a much more premium feel AND they play their Scottish credentials a lot better. But one to look into in more detail… Scottish brands can make it in South America – a great example is Walkers Shortbread, considered a delicacy (whomever took it to South America, you are a genius).

It is my passion taking iconic British brands to South America. I think it is a win-win: they get the sales and South American consumers get a feel for the best of British – regional and local brands can learn in the process from the very best. And if you are wondering, yes, I am in touch with a few of these brands, so watch this space!