So the value of the pound is decreasing, which makes British businesses more competitive abroad. With domestic and regional markets tightening up, surely this is the right time to export?

The Yorkshire Post (24 March 2011) quotes a study from Lloyds TSB Commercial Finance that summarises the worries of UK businesses regarding late payments from abroad. These concerns over cashflow and credit control can deter British businesses from exporting.

Nick Robson, regional director at Lloyds TSB Commercial Finance in Yorkshire, quoted in that article: “Those responsible for credit control or business debt management commonly face the additional burden of having to overcome language barriers or coordinate working hours in different time zones”.

It is then clear that language barriers can add to your concerns as a business in terms of actually going global or sustaining your global trade/operations. That is where Sunny Sky Solutions can help, contact us for more information on how to make it easier for you to do business abroad.