Lead Generation

“Opening doors”, as a client called it.

This service is ideal when you don’t work with local partners because you handle sales directly from head office. What you need is someone in Latin America who can feed you leads that you can follow up remotely. It is equally valuable when you have a regional sales manager in Latin America who needs to be fed leads constantly.

We identify your potential key clients in a market, identify the buyer and the influencers within that organisation, and we get in touch, building a relationship with them as we go along. This involves many, many emails, phone calls and even visits, because business in Latin America is personal. You don’t just cold-call, you have to take your time to get to the right person through the right route at the right time. We also know how to handle the sensitivities around this; we can gather information and feedback that you wouldn’t otherwise get (because of cultural and language issues, mainly). When the organisation is ready for you, we hand them over and move to your next potential clients.

Interested? Drop us a line at global@sunnyskysolutions.co.uk or connect with Gabriela on LinkedIn.