So why Latin America?

With a population of over 600 million, including 300 million middle class consumers, and economies currently performing better than more traditional trading partners, Latin America is now in the minds of global businesses looking to expand abroad.

Why should you at least consider Latin America in your international strategy?

  • Macroeconomic and political stability. Most Latin American governments are regularly praised by analysts for their monetary, fiscal and regulatory management. This is clearly evidenced in the constant improvement of credit agency country ratings.
  • Economic growth. Despite the current global economic downturn, most Latin American countries are still growing. What’s more important is that Latin America also comes from a 10-year period of sustained growth, which has generated demand for goods and services (from transport to crowd management, from office space to education) as well as direct consumption from a growing middle class.
  • Size. Let’s not forget that we are talking about a continent of 600 million people, including 300 million middle class consumers.
  • Competitive pressures. Are your global competitors, and those in other regions, making the most of the opportunities and leaving you behind? Can you afford not to be in one of the world’s most dynamic regions?
  • Other reasons to look at Latin America now include a series of free trade agreements that can really facilitate your trade with this region

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