The healthcare sector is currently strong in the UK, with many exporters looking to move into Latin America. What can what can this region offer? We summarise a few stats below to get you thinking… and there are places up for grabs at two of the Latin America’s key healthcare conferences – read to the end to find out more.


  • Costa Rica has the biggest investment in healthcare of any Latin American country; it takes 27.7% of their budget, and almost 10% of their gross domestic product – 2015 figures (source)
  • Uruguay has the most affiliates in the private health system with 62% of the population. Mexico, on the other hand, has the lowest, with 0.3% – 2015 report  (source)
  • In 2016, the Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein in Brazil, and the Clinica Alemana of Chile, occupied first and second places for the best clinics in Latin America (source)
  • Cuba and Uruguay are the only countries in Latin America appearing on global lists of ‘Most doctors per habitant’, Cuba being 3rd with an average of 67.2 per 10.000 Hab. and Uruguay 15th with 37.4 – 2014 stats (source)
  • An indicator for rating the success of the health system in a country is life expectancy. In Latin America the country with the highest life expectancy is Chile, with an average of 80 years, followed by Colombia, Costa Rica and Cuba. Haiti is lowest, with an average of 62 years (source) – 2014 article
  • Another indicator of success is a low child mortality rate, Cuba holds 1st place with a rate of 6 deaths per 1000 births, followed by Chile with 8 and Costa Rica with 10. Latin America is the region with the most progress in reducing this number. (source) – 2014 article
  • Costa Rica is considered the happiest country in the world, according to the ‘World Happiness Report 2017’ followed by Chile. Venezuela has descended the rankings rather abruptly. (source)


If you’re interested in this sector, you’ll find these two conferences really useful:



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