They are big and international.

They were born in Latin America.

And they could mean a lot to your business in the region.

So what exactly are “multilatinas” and why do they matter to you?

From JBS investor relations website.

From JBS investor relations website.


Multilatinas are companies originating in Latin America but with strong global presence. The Multilatinas ranking is produced yearly by America Economia, one of the most respected regional business publications. The 2016 ranking shows that the top 10 multilatinas are:


1- Mexichem (Mexico)

2- Cemex (Mexico)

3- LatAm (Chile/Brazil)

4- Grupo JBS (Brazil)

5- Gruma (Mexico)

6- Avianca-TACA (Colombia/Peru)

7- Sigma (Mexico)

8- Arcos Dorados (Argentina)

9- AJE Group (Peru)

10- America Movil (Mexico)

Avianca in numbers (source:

Avianca in numbers (source:


These are not just big companies but companies used to doing business outside their country borders. So why do they matter to you:


1- They could be your competitors, so you’d better research them well. Either because they are strong in their home country or because they are planning on expanding to the same countries you are seeking to penetrate…

2- They could be your best partners: sell to a multilatina in their home market and they could be your bridge to a whole continent…

3- They will tell you a lot about a specific market – check out their sales/employment figures, see what countries they are going for, and which they are avoiding…

4- Knowing who the multilatinas in your sector are will show potential partners and clients in the region that you are not just parachuting into Latin America, it shows that you know who you compete against or who you could partner with.

5- Researching their marketing actions, for example, can tell you a lot about how branding and positioning are done in the region, and a lot about localisation, too.

6- Why not think what you can offer them in your home market? If you offer them leverage in the UK, could they offer to help you in Latin America?


Don’t underestimate the power of multilatinas, they are local, after all, and they’ve learnt the lessons on expanding across Latin America. That’s why in October I am attending the America Economia Multilatinas Forum in Lima, to learn more about these companies, do some good networking and also learn about the context in which they operate. If you would like to participate in this event, or sponsor/advertise, get in touch with us ( – please note we are not on commission). A great event for “shaking hands”, meeting some of the most influential people in the region and getting closer to decision makers… I wouldn’t miss it, would you?



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