Market Visits

For any exporter, travelling to Latin America involves a considerable investment, not only of money but also of time. A thoroughly planned and carefully executed visit can maximise your return on this investment.
Our service can include:

  • Making sure you know who you need to meet and putting our network at your service to make sure that you achieve key meetings. There’s no point in coming all the way to Latin America to meet the wrong people at the wrong businesses/organisations. Our clients tend to have a mixture of people they know they want to meet, trusting us to select other key contacts to fulfil their goals.
  • Organising your market visit schedule, which might include trade shows (see below)
  • Accompanying you during meetings if required
  • Making sure everything runs as efficiently as possible
  • Cultural briefing: Latin America is not culturally hugely different from North America or Europe, but a few hints and tips can help
  • Practicalities: navigating across the continent, within a country or getting from A to B in a Latin American city. We can also make sure you stay somewhere handy and safe – and that your visit doesn’t clash with (stated or unstated) public holidays, school holidays, summer breaks or (where possible) strikes…

We also offer a Trade Show Support service that includes:

  • Before you decide on a trade show, assessing whether a particular show is right for you. You give us a brief and let us walk-the-show for you to gather the information you need
  • Organising your visit to a show (included in our market visit service above)
  • Organising your participation at a show, from start to end
  • Basically, protecting your investment in exhibiting at a regional trade show by sourcing the best support before, during and after the event.

We have organised market visits for companies such as Caltech (agriculture), Ellis Patents (electrical engineering), Farecla (surface finishing solutions), PBS International (agriculture) and CECALE (Confederación de Organizaciones Empresariales de Castilla y León, Spain).


“Many thanks to Gabriela at Sunny Sky Solutions for organising such an eye opening visit. We had not realised the scale of opportunity offered by Uruguay as a gateway to all markets in South America and, especially, Brazil. The quality of Gabriela’s contacts made the visit highly objective and she handled all of the logistics leaving me to concentrate fully on the meetings. Whether for manufacture or distribution, I recommend that any company interested in investigating opportunities in South America should get in contact with Gabriela in order to discover the range of financial incentives offered for foreign investors.” Nick Graham, New Business Development Manager, Caltech.


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