A few days ago I found myself in London at the outstanding Gaucho Piccadilly Cava Room. I was about to spend a few hours in the company of some truly remarkable people.Stand corrected. Here we are! All of us! #Gaucho #LatAm #COYA cc @BrandingLatAm @UKLatinAmerica @gauchogroup http://twitter.yfrog.com/ob6wxkujj

Social media has the great power of bringing people together. Taking it a stage further and meeting those people is, in my opinion, one of the greatest delights of 21st century communications. The common denominator that night was our beautiful and fascinating continent: Latin America.

London is a great city for meeting people from all over the world. When they share your passion for Latin America and your vision for the future of this content, is a perfect match. Let me share with you some of the key messages from this meeting:

-       this is the time for Latin America – the energy and the hope were clearly there, whether we came from Mexico, Argentina, Colombia or Uruguay – we all acknowledged that this is a great time for our continent, and that we are really making it, rather that dreaming about it

-       the UK needs to make the most of these opportunities – very often still missed by most. Although it was the business of many of us to facilitate international trade, it was clear that it was also our passion – and that UK-based businesses and organisations do value this, too

-       more unity is essential within the Latin American business scene in London (and in the UK more widely) to get that message across

-       the perception of Latin America in the UK is very slowly changing – from a “poor continent plagued with drugs, guerrilla and dictatorships” to a “growing, dynamic land full of talent and opportunities”. There is still a lot of work to be done, but looking at the people in that room I knew that they were the image of the new Latin America and that we are all jointly great, proud and passionate ambassadors of our region apart from our individual countries.

[Note: Personally, having lived in the North of England and Scotland all my 13 years in the UK (minus 6 months in Wales), I always have mixed feelings about the concentration of international trade in London - and everything that goes with it. Without getting into much analysis (I could go on forever!) in my last three months in the UK, I am trying to hold a similar gathering with those with a passion for Latin America here in Edinburgh. If you are interested, let me know!]

Let me informally introduce you to some of organisations present at this wonderful event so that you can find out more about them. Feel free to connect directly!

Branding Latin America – these are the PR people behind some of Latin America’s governments, tourist boards and consumer brands (Concha y Toro are in their portfolio, to name just one)

NHG Lawyers – unique British-Mexican law firm

Mexican Chamber of Commerce in London

LatinAmerican Forum

Focus Brazil Research – independent equity research based from Sao Paulo and London

Astra Translations – Spanish/English translations – many sectors but specialism in Banking & Finance

CASA Festival – Fancy some quality Latin American theatre, in London? Here it is! With an exciting venue for 2013…

Coya London – opening very soon with a fascinating blend of Peruvian and Japanese cuisine, right in the heart of London

Santa Cruz Design – the most recent South American arrival into the UK…

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