Digital marketing matters in Latin America, but why should UK SMEs be thinking about it?

We consulted EYDOS digital (based across Latin America and now also in London) and here are their thoughts…

UK SMEs Targeting Latin America

“Before we get into the nitty gritty area of ‘how digital marketing works,’ you need to understand why it’s so very effective in Latin America”, says Jerónimo Santamarina from EYDOS, “The way people use technology in this region is changing. It’s true that right now, just 66% of South Americans and 53% of Central Americans are active online. But, believe me, this is an area that’s set to boom.”

Jerónimo tells us that figures show that people in the area are becoming more and more engaged in the online world each day. “In fact”, he says, “there was a spike in online usage in the Americas just last year and, frankly, it was quite amazing. The number of internet users grew by 7%, social media engagement was up by 17%, and mobile social media users rose by 22%, according to Hootsuite. All of the above means that if ever there was a time to strike into this market, it’s now.”

Here’s what you need to know, according to the experts…

●     Researching a market using digital tools

“Contrary to popular belief, one of the greatest advantages digital marketing gives you is knowledge. It allows businesses to glean information about their soon-to-be clients and customers — from who they are and where they live to their habits and interests. In the industry, this is known as Market Intelligence; crucial information that every business needs to succeed.

And, while some people think that this information is only for commercial entities, that is not the case. This technique can be (and, importantly, should be) used by both B2C and B2B companies. In the case of the latter, we’re able to help business owners understand their market, find potential leads, and raise their company profile.”

Brand positioning here in Uruguay...

Brand positioning here in Uruguay…

●     Positioning your company’s brand

“Next, armed with the aforementioned intel, it’s time to think about the standing of your brand; both online and in your day to day practices. Brand positioning is about using what you’ve learnt so far and applying it to every aspect of how you present your company.

When you’ve identified through Micro Segmentation, we can help you identify the right clusters of people and target only them. In this sense, the online advertising performance campaigns we launch are dynamic and pinpoint the key demographic; and to no-one else.”

Segmentation, Panama City-style.

Segmentation, Panama City-style.

●     Turning online curiosity into tangible sales

“As a Google Partners Agency, at EYDOS Digital we’re interested in turning people’s online curiosity into tangible results and, yes, ultimately sales”, add Jerónimo. “Since a whopping 90% of all internet queries in Latin America are done via Google, according to comScore, Inc., the search engine is an effective place to start.

The key is intersecting the customer’s Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT). Traditionally, there were just two moments of truth; the First Moment of Truth (when a customer buys a product) and the Second Moment of Truth (when they experience or use it).

The internet has changed that since customers now have the ability to research products or services online before they buy them. That moment when people use Google to find out more about a potential product is the ZMOT.

So, how do we use this moment? Well, it’s all about intersecting it and ensuring that what these potential customers see is positive. In doing so, we’re able to influence people and their buying habits, i.e. whether they choose to progress to the First Moment of Truth or not. This really is where the magic happens in terms of digital marketing.”

We found these thoughts very interesting – if you’d like to know more, you can contact EYDOS directly here (Jerónimo will be back as a guest blogger with us next month, so sign up to our newsletter to make sure you hear from us!)

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