Distributor/partner recruitment

Identifying, assessing and selecting the right partners to work with you to grow your business could be the key to your success in Latin America. Whether these are distributors, manufacturers, suppliers, investors or franchisees, your success rates will increase if partners are chosen and managed carefully. So our partner recruitment service will:

  • Save you time in identifying, contacting and assessing potential partners so you can carry on with your business until your input is needed at the final evaluation and decision stages
  • Reduce the risks of appointing partners by conducting thorough research and assessment
  • Shorten the time needed to enter Latin American markets
  • Take it forward by making appointments and organising market visits, and managing these partners on your behalf

Just a few examples of British clients we have supported in finding partners in Latin America:

  • Meech International Ltd (static eliminators)
  • Power Jacks Ltd (screw jacks/power transmission)
  • Dart Sensors Ltd (alcohol fuel cell sensors)
  • Ellis Patents Ltd (cable cleats)

Interested? Drop us a line at global@sunnyskysolutions.co.uk or connect with Gabriela on LinkedIn.

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