One of the things that we encourage clients to do is to build their own capacity to deal with Latin America after our consultancy finishes. Depending on the client, this may mean, for example: -          Recruiting new staff to deal specifically with the region for the first

With thanks to my wonderful husband. [caption id="attachment_4410" align="aligncenter" width="496"] Members of the Central Uruguay Railway Cricket Club, which was a cricket and football club created by the British Railway Company in UruguaySource: The Telegraph (Wikipedia)[/caption] The 2018 FIFA

In the last couple of years, we’ve seen an increase in the number of UK companies that have approached us with the aim of understanding regulatory aspects that affected the, across different Latin American countries. From prepared meals to animal feed and from surfactants to insecticides,

A short, down-to-earth guide for British exporters.  If you are doing business with Argentina, or are thinking of doing so, you’ll know it’s a complex and risky country, but also one full of opportunity. Given the opening up of the market under Macri, after 15 years of being one of the most

I was in Buenos Aires recently (family trip this time) and, straight from the moment I left the ferry terminal (did you see my post on the duty free aboard?) I was surprised by the fervent public works activity. I mean, we hear every day about infrastructure investment in Argentina, but actually

I often get asked if it’s ok to use the Union Jack in Argentina, given the recent and still painful history that we all know about. I wrote about this topic back in 2012. In general, we say that unless you’re selling into a very sensitive sector like defence, it’s ok to use the

When you think of duty free shops, you probably think of airports. But on both sides of the River Plate, in the very South of South America, we know that our best chance of getting hold of some tax-free goodies is on the Buquebus ferry that links Buenos Aires and Montevideo. I spent a long