It has been argued that in the UK not enough media attention is being given to the agreement between the EU and Mercosur, the South American trading bloc comprising Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay (280 million people). That could be because Britain would be missing out on this

We are devoting a series of posts on this blog to give you some down-to-earth thoughts on the recently-signed Mercosur/EU agreement. Our first post gave you some initial thoughts. But what’s Mercosur all about and why should UK companies* be paying attention? Mercosur is a South American

On 28th June, Mercosur (comprising Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay) and the EU reached a landmark agreement twenty-years in the making that creates a market of 800 million people. The amount of information, disinformation, analysis, opinions and passionate comments on both sides can be

Warning: don’t take this post too seriously. If you do business in English/Spanish every day (particularly between Latin America and the UK), like I do, you will have no doubt come across some words that you will struggle to translate. Some, to me, reflect differences in how we see the world,

When you think that Argentina has nearly 60% inflation, a currency more used to defaults than glory and a macroeconomic profile usually only second to Venezuela’s, you wonder how this country keeps going. You couldn’t be blamed for imagining a very gloomy Buenos Aires, lost in the drama of

You can’t imagine my excitement: my friend Abby, my room-mate at Durham Uni many moons ago, is coming over to Uruguay on Saturday. Her first time in Latin America, a region I’ve shared my passion for with her for over 20 years (we are a bit like that here, you befriend one of us, you befriend

I was at Durham Uni when I grasped the concept of the damage of plastic bags to the environment – I was studying (“reading”, as we say in Durham) Economics, and paying even a penny for a bag was a disincentive that worked wonders (these were the days when you had to queue to use the