I often get asked if it’s ok to use the Union Jack in Argentina, given the recent and still painful history that we all know about. I wrote about this topic back in 2012. In general, we say that unless you’re selling into a very sensitive sector like defence, it’s ok to use the

When you think of duty free shops, you probably think of airports. But on both sides of the River Plate, in the very South of South America, we know that our best chance of getting hold of some tax-free goodies is on the Buquebus ferry that links Buenos Aires and Montevideo. I spent a long

It’s always fun visiting a trade show three times: not enough times for it to bore you, but still enough times to feel familiar with it, and to watch how it evolves over the years. ExpoMin is one of the best mining trade shows in Latin America, and I have visited all last three editions of

I am lucky enough to travel to Chile around four times a year. A country full of contradictions but equally a lot of opportunities for British companies, with a clear taste for British food and drink, and for UK brands in general. A 2 to 3-hour flight from Montevideo, where I live, Santiago is a

Our clients always value straightforward and honest feedback, and comments don’t come any sharper than Manuel Alves’, an expert in international business who I met on LinkedIn commenting on this recent Times article on Latin America. Manuel has 18 years’ international business experience

As an economist, large-scale housing surveys fascinate me. As someone who supports British companies looking into Latin American markets, mainly through market research, I find it amazing just how important it is to really grasp how people live in your target markets – either out of

UK trade with Latin America made it to The Times! Not the crisis in Venezuela, not the drug problems in Mexico, not the footballing stories, but an article focusing on doing business between the UK and Latin America. You must excuse my excitement (and my sarcasm). [caption id="attachment_4281"