Corruption in Latin America When discussing barriers to trade in Latin America, corruption almost undoubtedly comes up, particularly from companies that have no experience in the region and often from those who tend to see Latin America as one big homogeneous block. Media and stereotypes don’t

It took many hours, we went through many websites and we had the odd moment of exasperation, or two, but we finally got there putting together a database of the top trade shows in Latin America for 2020. All 107 of them. Why was it so hard? Answering this question is like a crash course on doing

In this blog, we have analised statistics and indexes from a range of sources for the whole of Latin America and for individual countries. Our aim is to give you figures beyond GDP, GDP per capita and other obvious indicators you probably use already for your export planning. We have covered for

We’re off to Expoactiva We are very excited to confirm that in March we will be visiting Expoactiva, one of the two most unmissable agricultural trade shows in Uruguay (if you are wondering what the other one is, check out this post!). We’ve been there before (see posts from 2016 and 2017)

After 15 years of being governed by a left-wing party, or actually a coalition by international standards (Frente Amplio), Uruguay is the latest country in South America to add some serious emotion to an already rather colourful continent. A nail-biting yet widely admired electoral process

You’ve probably seen the headlines from Colombia, Bolivia, Ecuador and, yes, Chile. Social unrest, and social violence, and all the memories they imply for our region, are back. We are not political analysts and we will not try to explain here what are some very complex realities. But we have

Shortly after announcing the Mercosur-EU trade agreement, the lesser-known but equally important Mercosur-EFTA agreement followed. Businesses in the European Free Trade Association area (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland), will soon start benefiting from better access to Mercosur