Given recent developments worldwide, this is our statement on how we plan to communicate with you and what we can do to support you. It is also a guide to see what you and your team can still do for your exports once you’ve dealt with the urgent. This can all be done remotely – if you

If Uruguay is on your radar, ExpoPrado is probably already in your calendar. Uruguay’s longest and largest show, it’s the place to be if you’re into livestock, and agriculture in general, but it’s also an excellent place to research and showcase consumer products to the widest customer

We’ve been discussing lots of stats here. This month we covered internet speed and last month we looked at prosperity, apart from posting on LinkedIn about how to use stats when researching export markets. We rather like sharing all these stats and sources with you – it’s the

We have covered a wide range of stats about Latin America on our blog. Last month we discussed a prosperity index and we even posted about how to use stats when researching export markets on LinkedIn. This month we are also discussing infrastructure here. What stats you use will depend on

Corruption in Latin America When discussing barriers to trade in Latin America, corruption almost undoubtedly comes up, particularly from companies that have no experience in the region and often from those who tend to see Latin America as one big homogeneous block. Media and stereotypes don’t

It took many hours, we went through many websites and we had the odd moment of exasperation, or two, but we finally got there putting together a database of the top trade shows in Latin America for 2020. All 107 of them. Why was it so hard? Answering this question is like a crash course on doing

In this blog, we have analised statistics and indexes from a range of sources for the whole of Latin America and for individual countries. Our aim is to give you figures beyond GDP, GDP per capita and other obvious indicators you probably use already for your export planning. We have covered for