I know, shocking. You probably know Fray Bentos in the UK because of the steak pies. As Uruguayans, we know Fray Bentos for other reasons: it is a small town in Uruguay and home to a world-famous abbatoir, now UNESCO World Heritage Site (and Torreira’s birthplace, if you’re into

The historic links between the UK and Uruguay are not just evident in utilities, railways or football. Most of the cattle breeds that Uruguayan farmers favour today come from the UK, and nowhere is this link more evident than at agricultural show ExpoPrado. I’ve been attending the show for the

Over a year ago, I posted about the duty free shop on the ferry between Argentina and Uruguay. A Twitter favourite, let me share with you some more pictures and reflections of a more recent trip onboard Francisco, the ferry named after the Pope, and its rather impressive shop. Duty free could be

One of my favourite sectors to work in is, without doubt, packaging. So when I heard there was a trade show in Buenos Aires to coincide with one of my visits, I didn’t hesitate to pop in and have a look around. I found some interesting competitor information for a UK company I have been in

A recent BuzzFeed article colourfully comparing UK and US supermarkets got me thinking how supermarkets here in South America differ from those I experienced (and learnt to love) for 13 years in the UK. Inspired by that article and encouraged by colleagues and clients, I decided to walk around a

Results from Argentina’s primaries were out today and, if the October elections are to be based on them, we are in for a return of a government that really wasn’t particularly fond of its agricultural sector. And the sentiment was most certainly reciprocated, as you can see from this

The Mercosur-EU agreement, 20 years in the making, is important enough for us to have devoted these last five posts to it. We looked first at the broad picture, then we recapped on what Mercosur actually is and then we looked at the opportunities. Our previous post was about duty aspects of the