I’ve visited Ecuador twice now. It’s a very interesting country, with a lot of potential. After a controversial election earlier this year, Lenin Moreno is now president. The previous president, Rafael Correa, was a very controversial figure, particularly in his approach to media relations

The healthcare sector is currently strong in the UK, with many exporters looking to move into Latin America. What can what can this region offer? We summarise a few stats below to get you thinking… and there are places up for grabs at two of the Latin America’s key healthcare conferences –

There are so many things to think about when exporting to Latin America: customs, duties, visiting, distances, logistics, language, currency, partners, culture… and that’s even before you start selling! And now I’m adding Intellectual Property (IP) to the pile – should we really pay

The advantage of working from within Latin America but at the same time talking to UK manufacturers every day (having lived there 13 years) is that I get to hear both sides of the story. I can relate to the manufacturer who is looking at Latin America for business and I can relate to the Latin

Many UK companies contact us with one very clear question: how can I benefit from a free trade zone in South America? We have covered this elsewhere, but it is wonderful to have the opportunity to visit one of these somehow mysterious places and actually understand what goes on inside, why

Earlier this year, I wrote about PPPs in Uruguay and asked the question: are they totally doomed? Then I said to watch this space – and here’s why. Martin Finnigan, a PPP expert from Scotland and Director at Caledonian Economics in Edinburgh (where I had the pleasure of living four years),

Digital marketing matters in Latin America, but why should UK SMEs be thinking about it? We consulted EYDOS digital (based across Latin America and now also in London) and here are their thoughts… UK SMEs Targeting Latin America “Before we get into the nitty gritty area of ‘how digital